About us

Ceres Media is a small and flexible agency on communication in agriculture. It was founded by Ad Bal, who knows the world of agriculture thoroughly. Not just in his home country The Netherlands, but around the world. He was born and raised on a poultry breeding farm and gained a BSc degree in agriculture. This was the basis for his longstanding career in B2B publishing.

For twenty years he was the editor of “Trekker & Werktuig”, a specialized business journal on farm machinery. Onwards he switched to the international poultry business and became the editor of global “World Poultry” magazine.

For both publications Ad traveled extensively and visited all kinds of farming operations, companies, universities and congresses around the world.

Through this, he gained a wide global network in both fields.

Based on his knowledge and experience, the focus of Ceres Media will logically be on farm machinery and poultry. Both on a global scale. However, all other sectors on crop growing and animal husbandry have no secrets for him.